Turmeric – Super Food or Wonder Drug?


It’s been used as a medicine for thousands of years and offered at the table for about as long, but there’s only one certainty about turmeric – it’s tricky to pronounce! Lets just clear this one up first – its TERmeric. Ok off the chest. Actually, there is another certainty about turmeric, and that is it doesn’t taste very good on its own, but then it is part of the ginger family!

So what is it about this yellowy orange powder that’s got the world in a spin? Well there does seem to be some evidence that turmeric has anti-inflammatory qualities (curcumin) and there is also some examples of it helping with diseases such as cancer. However there is no empirical evidence and that’s that. But in a world looking for the next miracle, well why not turmeric? It does have a long history as a traditional medicine so maybe there’s something going on. There is 100% evidence though that when added to cooking, turmeric has the unique ability to turn the bland into a taste and visual symphony. It’s a spice out on its own and a key ingredient in our Ras el Hanout spice blend. Now you can buy it here and add some real colour to your next curry or rice dish. Just make sure there’s a napkin handy.

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