So what’s ‘Jerk’ then…


Well, they say ‘Jerk’ is Spanish in origin from the word ‘Quechua’, which somehow became ‘jerky’ in English (struggling to make that connection; Spanish wasn’t my thing). But even if the origins of the word are uncertain, we do know what happened next – ‘Beef Jerky’, that chewy dried meat used to feed starving sailors before refrigeration, and which can now be found in supermarkets all over the world.

To make it more palatable (please!), the meat was poked with holes (called Jerking), so flavour could be introduced. Jerk then became the name for the spice rub and marinade used in Jerk cooking. Lots of Jerks there, but Jerk cooking, rubs and seasonings have followed the Caribbean diaspora all over the world, and is a fabulous spicy addition to meat, chicken and fish dishes.

We make our Caribbean inspired Jerk Spice from the finest ingredients using stone ground spices and herbs. We know you’ll love the flavour and tenderness it adds. Give it a go!


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