Hey, where’d you get that Tajine?

OK, so even though the spelling is sometimes different, Tajine, Tagine – they’re both a North African spice blend or a clay cooking pot with a funny lid. 

We like the way we spell it and we don’t make clay pots so you guessed it, our Tajine is a spice blend.

And we do know something about spice blends, after all we make eight genuine blends from Ras el Hanout to Jerk Spice. And it just so happens that Tajine is one of our favourites. 

We make our spice blends the old (really old!) fashioned way – using a stone grinder. Not many of those around now! Yep, its real granite and it grinds!

But unlike steel grinders, our stone grinder doesn’t heat the spices and ruin the flavour of the spice. Which is why your run of the mill (excuse the pun) spice from supermarkets just can’t deliver the taste of a stone ground spice. 

So when you need some real honest flavour in your cooking (and who doesn’t), reach for Alexandra’s genuine Tajine Spice Blend. 


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