About Alexandra Fine Foods

About Us

Alexandra’s is a New Zealand company, passionate about spice and flavours, and delivering the highest quality product to our loyal customers.

We carefully select our ingredients locally and from around the world, so we only use the freshest spices and herbs. Alexandra’s culinary experts then carefully blend flavours to produce authentic recipes to inspire your cooking.

Stone Grinding – One of the reasons our spices are better!

At Alexandras we buy our spices whole and use the centuries old method of stone grinding. This slow massaging of the spices breaks down the particles at a low temperature, gently releasing the natural oils but retaining the nutritional value.

High temperatures generated by the steel grinders used by other spice manufacturers can destroy sensitive vitamins, resulting in oxidation and rancidity, which then reduces quality and shelf life.

By stone grinding our spices the nutritive losses are minimised because the spices are courser than when steel ground.